Situations for WJT

WJT is an ideal partner for an owner / operator who is interested in retiring or stepping back from their business and who would like to ensure that the next owner is committed to protecting their legacy through continued growth of the business.  WJT will also consider corporate spinouts and partnering with technical owner/operators who are looking to transition management responsibilities in order to focus on product development.

WJT has the financial capability to buy 100% of a business, but is also open to existing owners keeping an ownership stake.


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Investment Criteria

WJT is looking for a business that fits the following characteristics:

  • Up to $50mm in revenue
  • Profitable
  • Recurring revenue business model
  • Opportunities to sell new products and services to existing customer base
  • Headquartered in North America

Diligence Process

When time is of the essence, WJT can run a quick and efficient process. But we also understand that many business owners want to take the time to get to know who they are entrusting with their customers and employees. WJT is committed to ensuring owners:

  • Always have direct access to the ultimate decision maker. No investment committees, company boards, or other behind the scenes influencers
  • Are able to spend significant time with the new operator, as well as WJT’s investors, who will be the new board members and owners of the business
  • Can provide input into the long term strategic direction of the business
  • Receive an indication on terms and price early in the process



Post-Acquisition, Tom Jackson, WJT’s Managing Partner, will take an operating role with the acquired company. WJT’s Limited Partners, who have a long history of owning and operating highly successful technology businesses, will join the Board of Directors.  WJT is focused on increasing the value of a business by introducing new products and services in investing in sales in marketing.